Hi! I am The Night Engineer!

I am a Public Address Voice Alarm(PAVA) and Fire Telephone/Disabled Refuge(EVCS) Service Engineer.

I work on the following equipment:

  • Baldwin Boxall PAVA/FT/DRS/DTA
  • Bosch PA
  • Cameo Systems FT/DRS
  • C-TEC FT
  • Current Thinking PAVA/FT/Induction Loop
  • Millbank PAVA Verifire/Notifier
  • Siemens E100
  • Vox Ignis Lexicomm FT/DRS/Assist Call

I can cover most of London, some parts of Kent and Essex.

If anyone is giving away technical training on any products related to Fire, Voice and Audio then feel free to drop me an email.